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February 11 - February 13
I have received many engineering awards, but I hope I will also be remembered as an advocate for the rights of women and children.
Elsie MacGill

Change starts with you

ElleHacks is the largest hackathon created for women and non-binary individuals of all experience levels, it is an event lead entirely by students with a background in STEM fields, proposed to challenge participants from different technical and creative disciplines to collaborate, learn, compete and show off their skills to solve real life problems in an inclusive and safe space.

Join the ElleHacks Community


This means you. Anyone willing to take on a problem and collaborate with others to solve it.


Be part of something great by joining us in creating an engaging hackathon experience.


A group of very skilled and friendly people ready to provide help. Who are always willing to talk about coding, technology, science, design and their life experience in general.



Do your best & aim for the top


"Ellehacks lives up to the hype! This is my second ever hackathon,

and I have wanted to attend for a while now. It did not disappoint, and I am extremely impressed by the time all the volunteers have put into creating this opportunity and environment full of fun and growth. Thank you so much!"

- Anonymous

“Thank you Ellehacks team and sponsors for an awesome weekend!!”

- Roniella

“Thanks for the hackathon! I got to learn a lot”

- apricossa

"It was an amazing experience working with the team. From being a participant last year, I knew I wanted to be part of the community organizing such an awesome event and it was a great pleasure working with everyone!"

- Sharon Musa

I loveeeee the hype and passion, projects and hard work at ElleHacks, I learned a lot. I am so glad to be part of this amazing community. Thank you to all the organizers”

- Melissa P

“Thank you to everyone behind the scenes for making this possible”

- jrboulous

"Thanks for all your hard work, Ellehacks! This year is actually pretty sick even though its remote”

- Shairagavi

"The mentors provided useful support for our team”

- Violet

"Thank you for your support and mentorship throughout these few months, very glad to be part of something this huge!"

- Cathrin Christo Sagayarajan

"I really had a lot of fun during the hackathon thanks to you and the Elle Hacks team."

- Yoonkyung Kim

Frequently asked questions

Why do we need an all-female hackathon?

Women are underrepresented in the tech world, but it’s up to us women to change that! We are creating a welcoming environment to show that there is a place in tech for every lady out there while building cool projects and sharing stories at ElleHacks.

Do I need any experience in computer science to participate?

Students of all skill levels are encouraged to attend, even if you’ve never written a line of code. We’re prepared to teach you everything you need to learn right here while also supporting the most experienced hackers.

What Will I Need?

You must bring a valid student or government issued ID card for admission. Since it is an online hackathon make sure to keep your devices charged and find a comfortable environment to start hacking! These devices can be whatever you have at hand but it is recommended to use a laptop or desktop.

How does a team work?

Teams consist of 4 members. You can always use our facebook group and slack channel to find other individuals who might be your potential team members.

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